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Activity Goals

Our aim is to pursue the goal of developing the whole individual by taking seriously what it means for human beings to be 'spiritual'.
Our resources will be available to spiritual seekers from all traditions and in dialogue with other faith, psychological and philosophical traditions.
Also, we concerned in the several aspects for student. Not only the academic term, which each student can be succeeded in the future.



+ The First Orientation Activity

+ Activities of Propagation Knowledge in Law

+ Rapee’s Day Ceremony

+ Quiz Game Legal Contest

+ Last Orientation & Career Guidance

+ Rural Development Camp Activity

+ Wai kru Ceremony


Activities of Propagation Knowledge in Law

The goals of propagation activities have been made by concerned in the fact that ‘the information should be dispersed to local people’. Therefore, this activity such ‘stage play’ has been used for show out to local people, also it is easily to understand by the way of stage performance, which entertained by the students.


Propagation KnowledgePropagation Knowledge
Propagation Knowledge