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Activity Goals

Our aim is to pursue the goal of developing the whole individual by taking seriously what it means for human beings to be 'spiritual'.
Our resources will be available to spiritual seekers from all traditions and in dialogue with other faith, psychological and philosophical traditions.
Also, we concerned in the several aspects for student. Not only the academic term, which each student can be succeeded in the future.



+ The First Orientation Activity

+ Activities of Propagation Knowledge in Law

+ Rapee’s Day Ceremony

+ Quiz Game Legal Contest

+ Last Orientation & Career Guidance

+ Rural Development Camp Activity

+ Wai kru Ceremony


ALSA (Asian Law Students’ Association)


On account of high-developed and great facilitated progresses in current communications, A variety of international relationships has been established; as well as global-cooperated organizations of law students in each region, which are coincidentally appeared and seriously support themselves. Asian Law Students’ Association or ALSA then was established in 1989 by a law students’ union in Indonesia for major purposes that the law students of different Asian countries have possible chances to exchange their legal perspectives and knowledge and also study significant differences in legality of countries; so as to enhance the legal knowledge to be applied benefits on their future careers and society, though several conferences and activities of ALSA.

ALSA consists of 141 countries as ALSA-members which are Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Japan, South-Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos, and Bangladesh.

Delightfully, ALSA-Thailand was established in 1990; which there are 4 local-chapters as ALSA-Thailand members, namely; Assumption University, Chulalongkorn University, Chiangmai University, and Thammasat University. Assumption University is merely one private university which is the ALSA-Thailand member and always follows all ALSA’ activities efficiently.


ALSA-Thailand enables law students to gain efficiency in legal vocation and to extent law students’ perspectives.


  • To provide a chance to exchange and to generate understanding in legal systems which are different according to country members; including the other countries in Asia and in other regions as well.
  • To activate and to support law students’ visions and analysis skill in international aspects through various activities of both domestic and abroad areas.
  • To establish good relationship between law students in Asia and to exchange good cultures and traditions of different countries in Asia.
  • To bring many exclusive experiences derived from varying activities of ALSA for applying to the society great benefits.
  • To support exchanging legal opinions which enrich law students’ visions.
  • To sustain law students circuitries’ establishment in Asia region in broader areas.
  • To increase and improve public speaking skill and conducting a case as a lawyer. Furthermore, to generate concept system of law students.
  • To propose law students’ aspects in level of countries and regions through all activities and to apply these aspects to develop society.

ALSA’s Activities:

International Events

The ALSA Forum is usually scheduled mid-year or during the summer period of most National chapters to encourage a good turnout of delegates. There are many interesting activities for delegates include academic, non-academic and cultural activities such as Table Discussion, Debate Competition, Symposium, Social Visit, Culture Class, Culture Trip, Culture Night etc.

Moreover, the ALSA Forum is where the outgoing set of International Board officers will officially step down to give way to the new set of officers elected during the General Assembly. A member-country in attendance is equivalent to one vote in the election of officers. Observer countries do not have the power to vote, but they are not precluded from asking any questions to the candidates. The candidate with a majority vote is deemed elected for the post. At the ALSA Forum, an official turnover of officers also commences.

The ALSA Conference is a big event that brings together the brightest law students from member-country in the event either engage in a particular table discussion topic or model UN format, or compete in a debate. Furthermore, the cultural activities are available for the delegates, for example, Culture Class, Culture Trip, Culture Night etc.

Last Orientation & Career Guidance Last Orientation & Career Guidance Last Orientation & Career Guidance
Last Orientation & Career Guidance Last Orientation & Career Guidance Last Orientation & Career Guidance
Last Orientation & Career Guidance Last Orientation & Career Guidance Last Orientation & Career Guidance

ALSA Study Trips are usually hosted by a National Chapter to introduce the peculiarity of its legal education to its foreign delegates for better appreciation. The hosted country also uses this opportunity to promote a more focused cultural exposure by immersing them in unique tours and activities. It is considered as one of the more intimate gatherings of ALSA members, since Study Trips are usually attended by only 10-40 (maximum) delegates. Their activities are all interesting such as Table Discussion, Legal Course, Culture Trip, Culture Night, Cooking night etc.

National Events:

    The ALSA Academic Activities could provide law students more world view through the legal aspect by taking them to legal places both public organization and private organization such as Law Firm, Court of Justice and etc.

    The ALSA Open House, there is ALSA Committee of university introduction and description of the ALSA’s structure. The ALSA Meeting could build up friendship inside the organization through many activities both academic and non-academic such as recreation activities, games, legal discussion or debate competition.

    The ALSA Video Conference is an opportunity for ALSA’s member to deliberate on legal topics between member-country through video call and delegate could build up long distance friendship between foreign friends.

    The ALSA Workshop would train member as an international standard by inviting the experts on each vocation to give the speech of inspiration and motivation.

    There are many interesting activities at ALSA Camp including academic and non-academic such as legal place visit, conference, recreation activities etc.